Davidstow Control Tower
Woodchester Mansion
Bodmin Gaol

Welcome to Cornwall...

Long described as one of the most haunted places in the UK, Cornwall offers a wealth of paranormal happenings.  From tales of ghostly 'wreckers' on the rugged Cornish coasts, to the sad phantom of a girl, murdered long ago, on the lonely windswept moor.

There's barely a village that doesn't boast it's own haunting, or a pub without at least some paranormal activity.  From here, our passion is born.

...and to the Paranormal

Based on and around the beautiful Bodmin Moor, but covering the south west of England and on occassion, further afield, our aim is to research and document paranormal activity - be it an old gothic mansion, or a privately owned two bed semi.

North Cornwall Paranormal

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We take our investigations very seriously; favouring the use of cameras, voice recorders and many hours of painstaking checking and cross checking - but we don't rule out the use of less conventional means where deemed necessary.

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