Abandoned Chapel


Entrance Doors
The Chapel Organ
The Altar
Ornate Door Handle
Chapel Entrance
Beauty in decay
Decaying Pews
Chapel Organ
Organ Pipes
Pulling out the Stops
Leaded Windows
The Sunday school
Getting that pic
Decaying Sunday school

A once much loved Chapel lies in near ruin, amongst a beautiful, yet overgrown graveyard. Beside it sits the remains of a Sunday school in an even worse state of decay.

Located beside a busy road, yet few will have ever noticed its existence, covered as it is by many years of natures handiwork.

Through the open, ivy clad doors lies a time capsule - a sad reminder of happier times.

A crumbling prayer book lies on the altar rail, a cross propped by its side.  The once beautiful organ, though still complete, is now crumbling and decaying, gradually becoming entwined with the ever encroaching ivy.

The Pews still have their gate like doors, but now lie littered with plaster, fallen from the roof and walking the spongy floor has to be done with great care, as gaping holes abound.

There is a peace here still,  though birds and bats have moved into its rafters.   A quiet calm that still pervades.  As the light fades however, the mood starts to change.

There is a strong sense of presence and an energy source that ebbs and flows, yet never entirely leaves.

Though only a preliminary investigation, there is enough here to bring us back - if only to glory once more in its decaying beauty.

It is a special place to be treated with the respect it deserves .

The Altar
Organ Keyboard
The pews
Beauty in Decay
Nature takes over
Abandoned Chapel
Forgotten Gravestones
Outside the Sunday school
Collapsed floors in the Sunday school

Most notable events experienced by the team on this preliminary investigation...

Strong sense of presence

Audible whistle

Sounds of footsteps

Rem Activation



We will return to follow up our preliminary investigation.