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Events experienced by the team at The Ram...

Intelligent Trifield responses

Unexplained shadow movement

Team members being touched

The sound of footsteps upstairs

EVP's and intelligent Ghost Box Repsonses

Paranormal Investigation Pengersick Castle

"...there is something very dark in nature that lurks in the shadows...

We have investigated Ancient Ram Inn on several occasions.  This is the final investigation report. Other captures will be added to this page, as and when they become available.


Report by Jayne


The night of the investigation was a warm summer evening with no wind or rain.

With previously visiting the Ancient Ram Inn, Jayne, Allison and Ceri were looking forward to the investigation. This was Arron's first time at the Inn and he held an optimistic anticipation in what may lay ahead.

Ancient Ram Inn is a historic building with the land reported to have been used for thousands of years. Once an Inn for locals and further back in history was said to be used by the local Clergy to sleep and important people found the Ram as a stop over place whilst travelling. In more recent times, there has been a 2000 year old Pagan burial pit discovered by builders as they carried out renovations. Some bones of women and children were found. The pit lays in the heart of the building, where the old bar once traded.

After an initial walk through to check over the location, we all felt there was a very heavy atmosphere which weighed heavy on all of us. 

We decided to start our investigation in the Bar area, by the the big open fire place. As we were talking and asking out we heard several episodes of knocks, taps and even what sounded like footsteps. None of these occurences seemed readily explainable and many happened on request. We asked a series of questions whilst recording on our Olympus voice recorders. Upon review, we had several strong and intelligent EVP responses. After activity died down in this area, we took a break.

We were then joined by Ceri before we started the next step of our investigation. This led us in to the Barn. It is connected to the main building and is full of many years worth of used items, from pub funriture to bed frames and old doors laiden as a make shift floor. It is not recommended to enter in the dark. Take a torch and use it because of the uneven flooring! Possibly used for public events, a long table, bench and chairs have been set up on the right hand side of the barn for people to sit. A glass rests on top of the table for use in divination experiments. We decided to sit around this table and took time to observe all of the natural behaviours of airflow and noise etc. before starting to ask out. 

I wanted to start with the Afterlight Box IV, an antique custom built echo box with original speaker, noise reduction capabilities and a built in Spirit Box.  Once set, we asked questions and there was a presence felt by some of the team. Quite oppressing in nature and seemed to be communicating with the us. Some of the responses that were recieved will never reach the public domain but needless to say, they were of a threatening and dark nature to myself in particular. Again, we asked out and recieved several EVP responses which seemed to coincide with the questions asked. With little further response we split into two smaller teams. Allison and I, Aaron and Ceri. 

Aaron and Ceri went in to the Attic area with the SLS Camera and voice recorder. Allison and I decided that we wanted to try and get some more responses from the dark entity that had made contact with us so we stayed in the Barn and used the Afterlight Box once more. Though we did get the odd response and EVP we had no further communication here. Ceri and Aaron did have some figures appear on the SLS Camera which seemed to move on command, however it has to be said that there is a lot of room for the camera to map out a figure on many points within the Attic - stone, beams, furniture and more. Sadly, our tripod broke which is used for the SLS so therefor the camera was not totally still in hand allowing room for error. They did catch several good EVP's in direct response to questions.

With very little activity, Allison and I moved on to the base room where the Ouija table sits beyond the sofa which we believe John Humphries(Owner) used. With the lights dimmed, we set up a static camera trained on the table in hope of capturing any activity. Both Allison's and my finger rested on the glass, in the centre of the table. We asked and try to entice any spirit to step forward but had no movement or activity. After trying for a good amount of time Aaron and Ceri rejoined us from the Attic and after a break we set off to the next area. 

The Bishop's Room, I believe would have been an open area room/floor as the partition wall seems very make shift and although the door into the room is very, very old, the stud partition is not. Upon entry into the room you notice four beds on the right hand wall. Two childrens beds sandwich a double bed, all flanked by small pieces of bedroom furniture and accessories. The room is cold as soon as you walk in with some obvious airflow movement. There is noise from passing traffic which resonates through the single glazed window. 

In this room, we all positioned so we were comfortable and started to investigate with several EMF detectors and cameras poised throughout. Near the start of investigating this area we decided to try a Youtube Livestream and switched on the Radioshack Ghost Box which didnt really produce any intelligable responses and the audio recordings never gave us any relelvant EVP. No further activity led us to a break before finding the next room to investigate.


Whilst we did take a break Aaron wanted to do a lone vigil in the Bishop's Room. Again, the Radioshack Ghost Box was used and this time some very interesting responses come through. After 15 minutes, Aaron rejoined the team.

With such a great start in the Bar area and Ceri not being with us at that beginning point of the investigatin, we went back into the room and split into two halves. Allison and Ceri on the right - near the open fire place and Aaron and myself near the burial pit. Cameras set on both teams. Allison started this session by asking out for any spirit to step forward, if they wanted to talk. There was the odd the tap. Both Ceri and Allison were hearing these sounds. As the ladies went quiet Aaron switched on his voice recorder and we asked a series of questions. The instant review gave us a couple of responses, possibly threatening and telling us to leave. Though there were EVP and other activtiy, it was certainly not on the scale we had been recieving all evening.

With no other activity we knew it was time to close down our investigation at Ancient Ram Inn. It was clear to see that some of the negative and dark activity that took place here had left a lasting impression on the team, in particular Allison and myself.


Earlier in the evening Allison was filming for our video and headed to the Attic, alone.

She never did make it all the way. As she climbed the narowing and ancient staircase

something stopped her in her path. Straight away Allison felt an overwhelming negative

presence stopping her progressing upward. A feeling of panic, dizzines left cold sweat

all made her feel quite ill. Allison only made it half way up and could not go any further.

This is very unlike Allison, even if nervous, I know her to face the fear and continue but

in this case she come straight back to the team and had to take time out to sit down

and recover somewhat. After this experience Aaron went up to finish the filming but had

a similar happening. Though not as intense Aaron felt as though something was pushing

him down the stairs accompanied with an uncomfortable feeling.

Since the making of the 'Into the Shadows' Ancient Ram Inn episode we were really sad

to hear of the passing of John Humphries, previous and most famous owner of the



We would like to extend our thanks to Caroline Humphries for allowing us to investigate

the Inn and sharing a part of her Dad's home home with us.



An active building with an oppressive ominous atmosphere –

Great EMF activity and some awesome EVP's captured.


Will we return - No, there is something very dark in nature that lurks in the shadows...