Bodmin Gaol

Bodmin Gaol, Bodmin, Cornwall

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Notable phenomena experienced by the team at the Gaol...

Shadow figure seen striding into the long room

Team member pushed when there was no one nearby

The sound of footsteps in the corridor

Dragging sounds in the empty basement

Visable to the eye, coloured orbs, climbing the walls

Bodmin Gaol EVP Captures...

Bodmin Gaol - 'Behind you'? - NCP - 2016
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Bodmin Gaol - 'No no no'? - NCP - 2016
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Bodmin Gaol - 'Unidentified Sound' - NCP - 2016
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We have paid many visits to Bodmin Gaol and pray that we can continue to do so.  I have included one full report, for your information.  Other captures will be added to this page, as and when they become available.

Report by Allison


The night of the investigation was fine but with freezing temperatures – with no wind.


We arrived at 10 pm a proceeded to set up the various static cameras etc, before doing a walk around.


The first vigil was held in the long room, where we split into two small groups, each in a separate cell.

During this time corner of the eye moement was experienced by several members of the team and whispering sounds were heard, though these are yet to to verified on the video evidence. One notable event in this area is that there appeared to be a figure, leaning against the wall down at the other end of the corridor - but each time we looked directly at it, it seemed to disappear.  This phenomena was noted by several of the team.


The second vigil was held in the derelict and roofless Naval Wing.  Various taps were heard, but we were unable to pinpoint from where they were originating.  At one point, there seemed to be a shuffling sound coming from an empty area of the building.  We are hoping this will be picked up on the recordings.


The third and final vigil of the night was held in the lowest level, underground part of the nain building.  Where, at one time,  lunatics and people considered mad, were locked away.

Here we decided to try table tipping.   We had brought down a heavy, solid wood small table with cross type legs down with us.  We set it up in one of the cells, and after calling out, were rewarded, almost immediately, by strong table movement.


Although the table was placed on a rough slate and stone floor, the table twisted, turned, and at times, tipped to our amazement.  We started with four of us on the table, although we had only our fingertips making contact, the movement continued.   A notable event at this time, was a light coloured mist that was seen moving acroos the cell in front of the table.  This was picked up by the cameras and we aim to bring you the video evidence shortly.


The table movement continued even when there was only two of us, with literally just two finger each, resting lightly on the table top.  It still turned rocked and tried to lift.  

This was filmed extensively and we are working on bringing you this footage as soon as possible.  The name Elizabeth was picked up by one of the team. On later verification, it seems that there was an Elizabeth, connected with this area. Elizabeth Osbourne, 20, was publicly hanged for setting fire to a corn stack.  Could be that Elizabeth was trying to contact us by moving the table?


We intend to go back to find out.



A very active building with varying, activity –

Fantastic table Tipping session, giving us the proof that we are always searching for. 


Will we return - YES definnitely. 

UPDATE: Th gaol has now been turned into a hotel.  Who knows what this will mean for paranormal activity.  Maybe we will get there one day to find out.