Bude Castle 

Bude, Cornwall


Report by Jayne


Bude Castle sits in the heart of the gorgeous tourist location of Bude, on the rugged North Coast of Cornwall.  Sat right on the waterfront, where the canal meets the sea, the castle looks out over part of the town and down to the beach.  It seems as though the small town was built around the historic building.


The grand house is known for it’s pioneering design, for being the first large construction to be built on a sand based foundation.  The design was testament to Sir Goldsworthy Gerney, as it still stands strong today.  Goldsworthy was the inventor of the steam built car and it is alleged that he had a major part in the design of parts for the first locomotive.  This is still disputed to this day.


Our time there began with some outside filming in preparation for an Into the Shadows episode from this location.  Casually filming and talking about the gorgeous location and building we were totally unaware that we could not have been alone!  Upon review of the footage we seem to have a disembodied voice, that that bears no context to any of our conversation.  A strange laugh that almost bears a posh accent, perhaps of a lord or well to do man that would have frequented this location?  To hear this, please view the video on this page.


Inside, we were given a tour of the lovely building, and it seemed apparent by the energies of some of the rooms, where we should investigate.  We started in the room which contains original models, made by Sir Gerney, himself.  As we began asking out, it seemed likely that this would be a quiet investigation, activity wise.  After some time and coaxing however, we started to get some taps from around us ...and then Trifield responses.  


We seemed to have a lengthy question and answer session with an intelligent spirit that came forward as Sir Goldsworthy Gerney himself.  Having researched this location in preparation for the investigation, we were prepared with things that we wanted to ask.  Answers from this spirit seemed very exact and in line with historical knowledge.  You can view part of this lengthy conversation on the video on this report page.  


During our time in this room the door closed by itself several times.  The door is held back by electrical magnetic door pulls.  At first we thought it was one of the team moving around and tested this theory by each moving in the areas that we had been when we first entered the room.  Again it happened but this time each of us were sat still and were unmoving.  


Upon asking the staff present that evening, this turned out to be a reported occurrence, and cannot be explained.  Relevant technicians have been called in to deal with the problem, but no cause has ever been found to suggest a faulty door pull.  We locked off a camcorder on the door that was closing, only to find that the next door along shut instead!  Again we checked all logical explanations and asked once more.  This door is also apparently reported as closing on it’s own, and again, has no known faults.  The staff believe this to be a paranormal occurrence.


Next room was further down the hall. Another museum room but with more historical items and facts in and about Bude.  This room had a totally different feel and was colder than the Gerney room we had just been in.  Initial sweeps with our EMF Meters produced nothing of significance.  Again, this room started and seemed to be very quiet.  We did a lot of asking out but without response.  The room we were investigating was an end wall of the castle.  For some time Allison and Sue were trying some automatic writing, but without any results that would suggest anything paranormal.  All of a sudden we had EMF readings up to 2 milligause.  These were all concentrated in one corner of the room, the furthest corner from the door.  Using the Trifield Meter and Mel Meter, results were collected by Les for a good 10 minutes.  He has previously tested the walls for wires or EMF radiation in the initial sweeps.  All readings in this area were zero.  After this phenomena stopped, we once again asked the staff who do not know of any electrical cables or even devices in or outside of the thick stone wall.  We would like to return to see if we could recreate this to debunk it.


There is a large room opposite the upper cafe and information area.  We placed a table in here with the view to doing some glass divination.  This did not produce any results.  Les did put a Laser Grid onto a chair to shine over one corner of the room and two doors.  Strangely the grid pen itself, moved. Sadly this was not captured on any recordings.


We moved to the lower cafe, to the side of the castle and this has to be said, to be more interesting.  Though there were fridges humming away and making noises, we did get audible noises over this.  Another EVP.  Please watch this section of the video.


We wanted to revisit the first room that we had started in, to see if we could get the same intelligent responses.  This time around, the room felt different and there were no responses.  This leads us to believe, we were indeed in the company of a spirit that wanted to communicate.

We did try other areas of investigation with little result.  


We count ourselves very lucky to get the activity that we did ...and even an EVP we had no idea that was there.


The place is amazing to view and investigate.  We can certainly say that we will further our research here and would love to try and debunk the happenings that we experienced with the EMF readings, that we could not debunk on the night.  It is a grand place, with an amazing museum that is worth a family visit.  You never know you may just meet Sir Gerney and he may let you know that he is there...




Beautiful and atmospheric building that provided mainly sensory activity. 


Will we return - YES definnitely - we would be delighted to return.