Mary newman's cottage

Saltash, Cornwall

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Most notable events experienced by the team at the cottage...

Strong feelings of emotion - both sadness and laughter


Black Shadow in doorway

Intelligent orb movement

Intelligent Trifield responses

Report by Jayne


A beautiful evening greeted us as we arrived at the amazing Mary Newmans Cottage.

Our Hosts for the night, Maggie and Rachel, invited us inside this 14th Century Cottage, telling us about the features of this wonderfully old building.

It is alleged that Mary Newman, the wife of Sir Francis Drake, once resided at this Cornish Cottage, but there are no records to prove it either way.


Lights out…


Due to the dynamics of the building, we felt it would be better to work this investigation as one large team.  Wood floors and a small building would only allow noise to travel, and potentially cause noises for a second team to debunk and contamination to make any credible evidence unworthy.


Upper left Bedroom


This was a very active room.  We spread out throughout the room and started to ask out for any presences to make themselves known.  Almost immediately the Team and the hosts began feeling presences around them.  Jayne could see a shadow behind Maggie, Rachel and Sue.  Sue’s Dowsing Rods confirmed a spirit was near.  This was a female, who seemed to take a shining to Allison.  After some questions Allison became very emotional from the transferred energies of the lady spirit, who seemed to be longing for the return of a loved one.  Maggie confirmed that there had been several sightings of a woman in the window that Allison was sitting in.  As this energy dissipated, another shadow was experienced by the the doorway, at the top of the stairs.  After several minutes we all began to see pin-prick lights shooting away from this area.  We asked several questions and had several taps and knocks in response.  Then some very intelligent answers via the Trifield Meter.  This seemed to confirm that we were in the company of an intelligent spirit and at this point, a personal message was relayed to one of the Hosts.




This was a very interesting room.  Full of wood, so we needed to be careful, as temperatures dropped, that any cracking or creaking from the wood wasn’t mistaken for possible noises from spirit.  This room had a more negative feel to it.  Both Les and Jayne heard what can only be described as a sigh.  This, we managed to capture on our recordings and is in the Mary Newmans Cottage video.  After some jovial hysteria, which seemed to affect everyone in the room, Les heard another voice “hmm”.  This is another catch that we have managed to record.  There were previous reports of a copper bowl being tapped so we concentrated our efforts on the bowl, but with no success.


Upper right Bedroom


This was a quiet room.  We spent time asking out without much response.  However, we did hear several responses, that seemed to be coming from other rooms.  Though we heard these noises, there was no definitive or direct response to specific questions.  There is a very old chair in this room that was sat in by Sue, then Maggie and finally Rachel.  Upon Maggie feeling a male spirit around her, the chair seemed to jolt and be pushed.  It was clearly not Maggie and she was very shaken by the experience.


Lower right Reception Room


All in all this was a very quiet room. Alhough we spent a good amount of time in here, the only thing of significance was a light anomaly caught on camera.  There was some significance to this anomaly however, because, although Jayne doesn’t see this anomaly she reacts and moves to one side as though feeling the energy.  At this point, it was time to pack up our equipment and head back to the silent and moonlit hills of Bodmin Moor, and to our beds.  



 We would return to Mary Newman's and plan to do so at some point in the future.  The reception from our hosts was amazing and the welcome from the building was equally as warm.  It is certainly a visit we recommend making, to this small but unique Museum.