The team has access to a wide range of equipment, some of which is listed below - but above all, the most useful items would have to be a reliable torch, pen, paper and a watch.  

Accurate record taking is vital in our search for proof of paranormal activity.


The MEL Meter combines a  standard EMF meter detection meter, reading in Milligaus, and is also set to pick up Temperature fluctuations as well. 

It is used for creating accurate baseline tests, and as an anomaly detector during the investigation.

The REM function creates a EMF field that, when broken, causes the lights to light up.

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We use quality night vision camcorders in the hope of capturing something not visible to the eye. Some are locked off on tripods and others handheld.  

The recordings are then scrupulously checked for any anomalies.


Voice recorders have a dual role in paranormal investigation. They can be left in suitable areas and are sensitive enough to pick up extremely quiet noises - but they can also be used with headphones - which gives the wearer incredibly sensitive hearing.

Voice Recorder.png
Used before an investigation to detect and measure electromagnetic fields and during, to find any anolalies in the original baseline recordings. It is based on the theory that spirits are composed of a type of energy that, when present, can manipulate the Earth’s electromagnetic field. 
Used during an investigation to detect and measure any significant heat changes - In particular, the appearence of cold spots and moving cold anomalies.
paranormal research, paranormal investigations, cornwall paranormal
A spirit box is a communication tool.  It is a modified portable AM/FM radio that continously scans the band to create white noise and audio remnants from broadcast stations. The theory is that entities are able to manipulate this to create words and even entire sentences.


RadioShack 12-587 Spirit Box

We use a wide variety of trigger objects in our investigations.

A trigger object could be literally anything that we feel relevant the the situation.  For example, if we suspect there could be activity related to a child, we could use a small toy, ball - maybe even with a hidden EMF or static meter inside to help us see if there is an energy change around it.


Examples of trigger objects that we have commonly used are:


Old Coinage and banknotes


An old bullet case

Music or sound effects relative to the era concerned