Pengersick Castle

Pengersick Castle, Pengersick, Cornwall

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Most notable events experienced by the team at Pengersick so far...

Paranormal Investigation Pengersick Castle

Clocked slowed, and missed a tick, upon command

Intelligent orb movement

Evp's - we have caught many here

The sound of footsteps on the stairs, and in upstairs rooms

Team member pushed over

Intelligent KII responses

Small darting dark shapes - almost cat-like

Camera pannning to left without known cause

Pengersick EVP Captures...

Pengersick - 'A chair ...mine' - NCP - Oct 2015
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Pengersick - 'That's my stuff over there' - NCP Mar 16
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Pengersick Dra. Room - 'Unidentified' - NCP - Oct 2015
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Pengersick Bedroom - 'Unidentified' - NCP - Oct 2015
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We have already paid several visits to Pengersick - and hope to continue to do so.  I have included one full report, for your information.  Other captures will be added to this page, as and when they become available.

Report by Allison


The night of the investigation was cold but clear – with light wind.

We had been eagerly anticipating investigating this historic location, due to the plethora of previously reported paranormal activity.


The castle is layed out over 4 rooms / floors, with a single stone spiral staircase connecting them all. We had previously decided to start at the top and work our way down as the investigation proceeds. So after standard grounding and protection was completed in the upper floor bedroom, we started the investigation off by spacing ourselves out around the room and introducing ourselves.


We asked a series of questions, with no audible response, except what was felt to be more of a vibration, than a noise.  It was almost as though someone had taken a step within the room.  A slight shuffle type noise was heard from ourside the doorway, on the spiral staircase, but when checked, there was nothing visibly present. 


As we continued to ask questions and call for answers, Jayne saw a light anomaly  come down from the ceiling and hover slowly about the bed.  It then reappeared to the right and seemed to circle the post of the four poster bed before disappearing.  This same ball of light appeared several more times throughout our vigil in this room and was captured on the night vision cameras.  Closer examination of the film would seem to debunk this light as being an insect or dust.  There were none of the tell tale characteristics present.


At one point, during the filming, Jayne's camera which was secured on a tripod, suddenly panned to the left without known cause.


Several times, during our stay in this room, a peculiar musty smell appeared.  Quite strong, only a disappear again as soon as it was remarked upon.


Sue and I decided to try some glass divination, and although there was slight movement of the glass, nothing of note occured, except a reoccurence of the light anomaly which came from the bed and shot between us.


Our next vigil was in the room underneath.  Set up as living quarters. We sat aound the table and again called out.  The atmosphere in this room was entirely different, and felt less welcoming and somehow darker.


There was an old grandfather clock in the corner, with a very loud tick.  We asked for any spirit present to stop the clock, and as if to order the ticking slowed and seemed to hesitate, before recommencing.  This happend a few times, seemingly on command.  Unfortunately we were not filming at this time and are unable to bring you verification of this.


Our last vigil of the night was in the second floor display room.  

We again spaced ourselves out around the room and I took a chair by a small alcove.  As I sat, I became somehow detached from the others.  I was vaguely aware that they were talking to me, asking if I was okay, yet I felt unable, or unwilling to answer them.  After a time, they insisted I move, and Jayne took this seat instead.  I was now fully back in the room and focused once more on what we were doing, but now it was Jayne that was distant and unresponsive.  It was almost like turning on a switch, it was that quick.  Jayne remained uncommunicative until we insisted she leave the room.


The only other thing of particular note that night, was that one of the doors, that are all large and very heavy, was left open when we went for a break, but was almost closed as we came back upstairs - and we know that no one could have been up there as they would have had to pass us on the way.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Pengersick for allowing us access to this wonderful property, and if you should ever get the chance to visit, don't hesitate.  It is well worth the trip.



An active building with varying, activity –

Fantastic light anomaly activity and great interaction with the clock, something that we are eager to reattempt on our next visit.


Will we return - YES definitely, we have a date planned for the autumn.