Reel Cinema 

Reel Cinema, Plymouth, Devon

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Notable events experienced by the team at the Reel...

Strong emotions, great sadness felt by all

Fantastic automatic writing sessions

Black mass witnessed 

Movement witnessed where no one was walking

Automatic Writing - North Cornwall Paranormal
Automatic Writing - North Cornwall Paranormal

Automatic writing attempted by Allison

Automatic writing attempted by Sue - having not been present when the first was done...

Report by Allison


The night of the investigation was fine and warm – with no wind.


We were attending the venue at the invite of Black Cats Paranormal, but we split down into our respected teams once we got underway – spacing ourselves well apart in the building to avoid noise contamination.


Our first vigil was to be in screen 2.  At one time screens 1 and 2 were one giant room, forming the original theatre.   

We spaced ourselves around the room, and stayed quiet for a while, to get aquainted with the base sounds of the building; although It soon became apparent that there were noises from the room that didn't originate from us.  Though we were still, there was the sound of light footsteps and on several occasions we heard the creaking of the theatre chairs - as though someone were shifting their weight.

these noises remained a mystery however, as whatever bit of the room we put ourselves in, they came from the other end.


At one point, 3 of the 5 people present, saw a shadow move along the lefthand wall - as though someone were moving up towards the exit. No one was moving at the time and there are no windows or outside sources of light that could have caused this.  We hope to have got some on these sounds on our recorder. They are being analysed at the moment.


Our second vigil was in Screen 3 ...but no one picked up on any presence and nothing was heard here, so we moved on to the ladies toilets where there have been reports of visitors seeing apparitions and people being frightened out of the room. - but although we spent quite a while in here - the scariest thing to happen was the automatic air freshener going off unexpectedly  :-)


After a brief break during which I took the only photo that showed anything out of the ordinary (the vague white mist on the upper landing ...see photos)- we headed for Screen 1 and out last vigil of the night.


Here I decided tro try automatic writing for the first time ever.  Sitting in the pitch black auditorium, I loosely held pen onto a sheet of paper and relaxed.  It took a while, but the pen started to jerk slightly, and then move across the page.... a very strange sensation indeed.  When it got to the end of the line, I turned on my torch, but it was only a jagged line, so disappointed, I tried again. This time, it was much more like writing - with loops and swirls - but I still couldn't make anything out.


At this point, another investigator had come into the room so I gave the pen to her, for her to try.  Again, although she had never done this before either, the pen moved ...and this time went across the sheet in a rush.  What we got when we turned the light on amazed us all.  In the middle of the sentence it said ' me - help me - agnes - hello'


She was very disturbed by this and reluctant to continue, but she  went on anyway.   The second line read 'Fire - help me - fire - fire'

We immediately called out to 'Agnes' - was there a fire?  - and we got the next line 'yes - yes - yes'

followed by something unreadable then 'help me - flight' and again, something we can't make out.


The last readable line was the most disturbing. It seems to say ' ____ needs me - help agnes ____'


We were understandably very shocked and moved by this - especially as at the same time we had all heard what sounded like a quiet female sigh/moan coming from an empty corner.  The Trifield meter had also registered strange peaks of EMF at this time.


We really didn't want to leave this place now ...with so much activity going on – but we had simply ran out of time.


However, the most amazing bit of evidence came the next day for me.  As I was sitting down studying this fantastic autiomatic writing session, I thought I'd take a look back at mine ...and what I saw, truly shocked me.  There, in the middle of the first line, of what I had taken as just scribble, was the word 'agnes'  - and in the middle of the second line (only readable because I had seen Sue's was 'help me - fire'


This to me is the proof that I have been looking for.  She wasn't in the room when I did mine, and she hadn't seen it how is it possible to come up with the same four words?  Agnes.  Help me and Fire.  We know nothing of a fire in which anyone was hurt, and are still desperately trying to trace Agnes' existence.


This, is what it's all about for us.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jayne and Michelle of the Black Cats Paranormal Team for inviting us along.



A very active building with varying, mainly sensory activity –

Fantastic Automatic Writing session, giving us the proof that we are always searching for. 


Would we return - YES definitely.