Shaugh Tunnel

Leighbeer Tunnel, Shaugh Prior, Devon

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Report by Lisa


The night of the investigation was quite clear as we started our walk to the tunnel across the viaduct to the tunnel, around 7pm. As we got closer, the daylight slowly drew out and it became a touch misty.

Before reaching the tunnel, we passed the old station. By then fully dark, but little remained to be seen, except the platform itself - covered by the undergrowth of weeds and such. A strangely eerie sight.


The tunnel, when we got there, was black and uninviting. There is no light whatsoever and, the roof of the tunnel is constantly dripping. To begin, we did a walk through from one end to the other. With the torches out, it is impossible to see your hand in front of your face, let alone anything else.


Splitting into two teams, the men went back into the tunnel, taking the night vision camera, while Allison and I stood quietly at the mouth of the tunnel, listening in Real Time and calling out softly. At one point it seemed a shadow had moved, further in the tunnel. Strange, as we were not casting one – it was just too dark. We tried to replicate it, but with no success. At this time, bizarrely, there was a feeling of extreme happiness picked up – and neither of us felt threatened or uncomfortable. This same feeling was to come and go at various points throughout the investigation.


The men returned after about 45minutes and reported activity at the entrance to the cave within the tunnel. Later, on looking it up, it was found to be a copper mine, and other groups have noted activity in that immediate area too.


Of particular note was that both men reported hearing the sound of some one rushing past them, along with footsteps a short while later. Unfortunately this cannot be verified on the recordings. The noises they heard are there, but distorted with the tunnel acoustics and disguised by the constant drips.


Allison and I then walked down the tunnel with the camcorder, and as we got to the bend, found a dry spot to sit for a while, with no lights and just the night vision running. I kept seeing little sparkles of light around us, and Allison saw a dim white light from the far side. I also, from time to time, seemed to hear like a deep breath or sigh, but distinctively male and certainly not mine or Allison’s and far too close to be the others at the tunnel mouth. Also what sounded like a soft moan?


With nothing further happening, we reconnected as a group and all headed back into the tunnel, set up the camera on a tripod facing towards us, and took some readings with the envoironmeter. The temperature at this time was recorded at 9.4 – and this done, we waited to see if anything would happen.


Some of the team reported feeling nauseous and that they felt that we should not be there – but we continued softly calling out. Interestingly, when Tyler asked questions, Allison saw little flashes of light behind him ...and when I looked in that direction, off towards the way we had entered, I saw a lovely red light that only lasted for a split second.


Tyler reported seeing a shadow move behind the camera, just off to the left, into the darker shadow. There was a very dim glow coming from the camera's viewing screen, and at one point, I myself saw a substantial sized shadow move across that same area.


Although the men reported feeling uneasy when standing in a particular spot, I didn’t feel it was any way negative. To me it felt just happy and playful. Allison had also said something similar earlier in the night. Allison had the Real Time recorder but wanted to give it to someone else as she kept hearing whispers, so Tyler took over. He confirmed the same, but later evaluation of the recordings did not result in anything conclusive.


As we stood, the sparkles I had been seeing earlier seemed to dot around us. Allison had the feeling that there was a child, or possibly children present - and just as she commented this, she asked if any of us had moved as she had just been poked on the backside. We turned on the torch but none of us had, and no one was close enough to have been able to touch her – nor were we near the tunnel wall. Tying in with this, a team member reported a tugging feeling on the leg of his trousers - and just as he said this, my mood suddenly heightened again to extreme happiness. I asked if the presence wanted to play or come talk to us. The reading on the envoironmeter at this point was now 7.2 - a considerable drop.


A short while later, the nauseous feeling that some of the team were reporting was apparently worsening, and they were starting to feel really unsettled, so at this point we brought the investigation to a close, deeming it better to return another day.



Interesting site with varying, mainly sensory activity reported - but unfortunately this can't be verified as nothing definitive was captured on the recordings.


Will we return - YES