Tragic Ghost of Bodmin Moor

Well, it's now 170 years since the infamous murder of Charlotte Dymond, an 18 year old serving girl, on the slopes of Rough Tor on the lonely Bodmin Moor.

On Sunday the 14th April 1844 Charlotte Dymond set off across the moor, but never came back. Her body was found a week later, laying half in the stream. Her throat had been cut from ear to ear.

Her partner, 23 year old Matthew Weeks was accused and tried for her murder - and on the 12th of August 1844, he was hanged for his crime, in front of a 20,000 strong crowd.

But did he do it? The evidence against him is all circumstantial and the debate, for and against, still rages. You can find many articles online if you would like to read further.

To this day, the ghost of Charlotte is said to walk the moor, and that of Matthew is said to haunt the jail.

I spent an hour sitting out by her memorial to see if she'd put in an appearance - but unfortunately for me, she obviously had other places to be.

Oh well - here's to trying again on the 171st anniversary