Never mind the Ghosts's the Goats that will get ya!

As all Paranormal Investigators will know, oft the most anticipated of investigations, will turn out to be a damp squib.

Having crawled our way through the bank holiday traffic jams, we determinedly set off up the hellish climb to our destination for the night (Note to self - oxygen tank advisory for re-visit). So far so good ...but luck wasn't to be our friend tonight. In the distance, herds of mountain goats were slowly, but surely, also making their way to the fort.

The guys valiantly fought off the goat invasion (wish I'd filmed that), leaving us ladies to set up the base room and prepare for the nights investigation. Unfortunately, setting up my gear took far less time than usual - I had managed to leave my entire stock of carefully charged batteries behind! (Shoot me now).

Oh well... Ever the optomist. I've got maybe one hour maximum of night vision recording ...that's better than nothing. But then down comes the rain ...and what rain!

Never mind - it'll keep any stray visitors away. No? - you guessed it! "Hello?" A couple had appeared out of the downpour and proceeded to make themselves a little camp right in the centre of the derelict fort buildings ...and to make matters worse, the music from the pier across the bay seemed to be getting louder as the night wore on.

The on-going battle of Paranormal Investigator versus Goat raged back and forth for a few hours, before the final and definitive victory the goats! They had breached all our defenses and swaggered triumphantly into the middle of our ill fated investigation. Well that was it! Time to go home!

I'm still hopeful that we can salvage something from the night. We've yet to go through our recordings - but all in all, it wasn't a successful investigation for us. A 240 mile round trip that started with traffic jams on the M5 and ended in victory for goatkind.