My First Ghostly Experience

Once, when I was very young, not yet even in school, I was laying on the couch. Mom was in the kitchen and I remember Days of Our Lives being on the TV.

We had a rocking chair in the living room then, and as I lay there it started to rock. Very gently at first, then picking up speed. I just kept staring at it and remember feeling panicked - yet I was unable to call for my mom, or do anything! All I could do was watch.

It probably only lasted for a few minutes - and then it just stopped!

It was only then that I started crying and my mom came rushing in to ask me what was wrong. In my distress, all I could do was point at the rocking chair.

She told my dad what had happened and he just laughed it off as a kids imagination. It wasn't too long after that though, that my parents were up late and I heard raised voices. They were talking excitedly about something.

The next morning, the rocking chair was out on the front porch - but not once did we ever talk about what had happened.