Was I Really Home Alone?

(Let me just note first, a room down the hall in my old house was a really scary room. It was my old computer room. I don't know why it was bad, but it always was that kind of room where it felt like someone or something was watching you if you walked in. It effected me for sometime, but my parents and my sister never saw it, and only me and my dogs did. I was only 12 when this all started, and my pups would never be without me again since after this incident.)

It was before sundown, my parents left for work and my sister left for a concert.

I was home alone and I thought it would be ok to let my puppies out to relax with me on the couch. I let them out and I immediately feel there was something wrong, my dog Cookie, she possibly sensed my fear or something but she looked into the room down the hall and she looked to me and whimpered. My other pups felt it too, so I quickly moved them to the couch and curled up with them, and I slowly started to doze off. I think it was hours later, I wake up from my nap and see no light outside. The only light was the small illumination from the dim street lamps.

I look to my pups and I see Cookie still looking at the hallway, ears perked, eyes so fixated, frozen. I petted her head to calm her down, but she couldn't, suddenly a sigh of what sounded like relief came from the room and my whole body froze.

Cookie snarled and barked, my other pups pitched in as they leaped from the couch and slowly stalk their way to the entrance of the hallway. I slowly start to get up and try to get them away from there, but to no avail. As I stand right behind them, the light in the room lit up and my dogs were shaking. I could see they were scared too, so I took a step foward, when a dark apparition's hand clutched the side of a dresser that was in that room, and it turned to where I could see what looked like hair and a foot at the bottom. It was peeking at us. My pups were furious, they snarled and barked then ran for the room. I was running behind them, still telling them to stay away, but they stopped at the dresser and sniffed it once they reached it. I was too scared to sleep in my room next door, so I slept on the floor in the living room for awhile, with a song playing on the stereo to calm us down.

After my dogs and I were asleep on the floor, only with a big jacket as a blanket for 'protection', we heard a door slam shut. My dog perked her ears up and lightly growled while my other ones licked my nose. But we fell back asleep and I would never go back in that room without my dogs again.

Thank you for letting me share.