Figure Sat In Friends Bedroom

This happened in the late 1980's at Knowle West – a part of south Bristol during the summer. Being young and harbouring dreams to appear on ‘Top of the Pops’, a friend and I were eagerly working on writing some music. We were both about twenty-one and passionate about making it into the music charts, with perhaps more enthusiastic energy than musical talent.

On returning from a lunch break after a busy morning, we approached his house and saw a figure seated at the bedroom window. It was a young male, perhaps late teens or very early twenties. My friend thought it was his brother and shouted up angrily at him to leave his music stuff alone, as he was worried his younger brother might cause some damage to the expensive equipment that we had spent months saving up for. The figure just stared down at us with an odd, blank expression – quite unlike his brother, who was very animated and loud by nature. At this point, somewhere in the back of my head, I just felt that something wasn't right - almost 30 years on it's like time froze at that point because I can still see the image clearly in my head.

When we went inside and ran upstairs the bedroom was cold, but completely empty. My friend then remembered that his brother was out with friends that day and no-one was home (we later learned that he was actually 120 miles away in London at the time we saw the figure).

From the layout of the house, no-one could have passed us on the way, as the staircase was right by the front door and the figure was still looking down through the net curtains as we opened the door. We searched the entire building but found nothing. In the time we opened the front door and raced up the stairs, to the point where we opened the bedroom door could not have been more than a few seconds. Whoever the young man was he simply had nowhere to go.

What stayed in my mind was the expression on the young man’s face, as if he was looking right through us. We never found out who he was and never saw him again, although my friend’s house was definitely odd.

He swore that he had seen several weird events, backed up by his entire family. The house had formerly been the home of a fireman and the whole family said that they had all heard this chap charging up and down the stairs during some evenings in his big boots. He was seen by each of them, but I recall only once – it was the noise of his footsteps that usually woke up the family – and anyone staying over.

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