Ghost of Friend Visits in Dark Times

My friend passed 3 weeks before his 40th birthday. He and I were so very close. He was my best friend. After Ben passed, his mother sent me two of his Hummel figurines. I light a candle next to them and speak to him, a lot. I miss him, all the time.

Our power went out during a tornado warning, and the only candles I could find were one of Ben's and another smaller one. I took the picture to send to my Mom, letting her know we were in total darkness, but that we were safe. It wasn't until later that I saw the figure in the glow of the candle light. The flame of the candle was right where his heart would be!

Ben shined, he was a fabulous man! He was judged by many for being gay, and used it to his advantage. It made him shine even brighter. I think he's here. Connected somehow to his figurines because he cherished them. I dust them every day and make sure they are lit up in a curio cabinet.