Great Grandmothers Ghost

At first I was scared. I turned the corner, in to the hallway and I seen a women staring at me. I tried to

scream and even talk but nothing came out. I was frightened beyond belief but finally mustered the courage to able to run to the bedroom and lay down. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed.

Once I had made it back to the bedroom and calmed down a little, I told my boyfriend what had happened, he said I was crazy. Well, shortly after I was looking at old photos with my family and low and behold I seen the women again! It freaked me out - that it was the women I had seen!

I asked my Mother who it was in the photo and pointed to a lady, and explained that it was the women i had seen in the hallway. Mom told me "Thats your Great Grandmother". I have never seen nor met with her.

So when I thought about why she might be here, it came to me that it was about a week after I had been very ill and came home from being in hospital for a month. I truly feel she was making sure I was OK.

Since then I have never seen her again. I feel she knew I was much better and out of danger with my health and my Great Grandmother was letting me know she was watching over me.

She is the one in the middle of the photo, in the one piece dress.

Still to this day when I see the picture I get chills all over