Greyfriars Graveyard Turns Black

I have told these stories to friends all over the World Many have asked me to write about it and I wanted to share with North Cornwall Paranormal too.

Here is the story of my night at Greyfriers Churchyard Edinburgh. I have taken some very 'off' photo's here!

The old prison area of Greyfriars Graveyard has been closed to the public because of the activity. People being pushed against walls and in some cases alleged death. I was there and took some photos. My friends were in one of the old cells and I heard a voice, in a digital way, it said “GET OUT!”. It’s fair to say we ran and vaulted the 15 foot high wall in seconds!

Covenanters’ Prison – Greyfriars Graveyard. Locked with VERY good reason!

The day after we visited the Greyfriars Graveyard my friend had a seizure and all of the group that came along were sick for a few days.

That night we heard things, we seen things and we felt things. Why did we do it? I guess we did it because we could, because we wanted to. This is said to be one of the scariest places on Earth, and now I know why. I didn't believe all of the stories I had heard before we went.

This photo was taken against a brick wall. It wasn't a snapshot of the night sky. It has caused a lot of interest with in the paranormal and has been put on several websites as unexplainable.

With all of these experiences I had, I will NEVER set foot in Greyfriars Graveyard again!