Possessed By Black Magic

My husband & I were sharing an apartment with another couple and the guy practised black magic. He once told me and his wife he could call up "things" that would scare us to death.

My husband's sister wanted to move in with us to get a job but they said no so we decided to get our own apartment. We told them we were moving out and they got mad at us, then moved out giving us the apartment. My husband's job took him out of town & everything was OK for awhile. We remained friends with the couple & my husband worked with him. He got laid off from his job & we started spending all of our time together.

We started hearing noises but thought it was my late husband since he watches over me. We started hearing stuff being moved around and one night, just as my husband was going to sleep, he was talking to me when he started growling. I knew he was becoming possessed but I thought it was by a spirit. We began to feel like we were constantly being watched and hear stuff being moved around.

We knew we needed help so I got in touch with a paranormal group to help us. While we were waiting my husband began showing more signs of possession. He would look at me with a blank expression but with hatred and try to hurt himself every time he was like that. It began to happen several times a day so I called the group and they came out. They had to do an exorcism & during it I found out my husband was possessed by a demon called up by the guy who used to live with us. They had to close a portal that the guy had opened & spirits as well as demons were coming through ti do a cleansing to get rid of all unwelcome spirits.

We didn't have any trouble after this but for a few days afterwards my husband was able to channel my late husband's spirit and he was able to talk to me through my new husband. That gave me peace. One day he was working with the guy who used to live with us and told him what happened. The guy laughed and said they were a gift from him.

We don't associate with them anymore...