Abandoned Hospital Still Has A Tale To Tell

My most recent experience happened when I visited an abandoned hospital in my local area.

The place is hard to access, and the whole area is just creepy. The friend I went with, lead me to a small building next to the main hospital. It was already somewhat dilapidated, and as we walked deeper into the building, we observed a sign, saying “Please wear gown while accessing room.” It still looked brand new! I was amazed by that.

As we were walking, my friend was snapping pictures - and it was then that we heard the voices... We assumed it would be security, walking around, checking the building. My friend told me to stay where I was, and he went to check if it out. To our astonishment, there was nobody there! I started freaking out at this point - but I was determined not to let it scare me away.

As we continued to walk, we soon heard the voices again. One had to be a doctor’s voice since it was heard to clearly say “how is the patient doing?” ...and the second answered equally clearly “he's not doing well.” After that we heard no more voices.

I decided that it was time to leave that building and we turned our attention to the main hospital building. Even while we were still outside, we kept hearing a thumping noise. We kept looking around to see if there was someone else about - but we were alone. I figured the spirits were wanting to make themselves known.

Arriving at the main doors, we walked in slowly. It was very dark (even though it was sunny outside). We walked in and the bathroom door was ahead of us. On examination, we found that it was not in as bad a state as the rest of the place.

Further up the corridor, we came to the elevators. It was completely mind blowing to see the doors standing open and yet you could only see the top half of one of the elevators - as though it were going down. My friend took many pictures of this area. While I was waiting, I kept looking around, in all directions. It was then that I saw a shadow figure walk across a room. I literally jumped out of my skin when the figure just disappeared.

I then began hearing a female voice... like a patient that was in terrible pain. It kept making a 'uhhhhhh' sound. It went from 'uhhh' to 'uuhhhhhh' (I can’t really describe it but If I could record how it sounded, I def. would) My friend turned to me and demanded to know if it was I making the noise. I told him 'no, I was not'. He then walked away in fear.

My second experience in that same building was when we finally got brave enough to return, and check out the second floor. Everything was going good. This time, I was the only one being affected by whatever spirits were there. I kept getting touched. My shirt was pulled, as though something did not want me to continue walking. I was standing in a doorway when I felt someone tug on my hair. Take note here that my friends were a few steps ahead of me. It couldn't have been them!

When I finally asked them if they felt or seen anything, they answered no. I was not really surprised though, since I’ve always had to deal with this kind of phenomena, since I was little. I can sense when it’s good or evil.