Dad Came Back to Say Goodbye

I had just got married and the day after my wedding my Father went into the hospital.

This is my Mom and Dad - Moe and Terry. (left)

When I heard my Dad was in hospital I made plans to be there with him and my Mom. I lived 4 hours away from my parents and made the hard decision to leave my new wife behind, to be with them. We, the family, and my Father knew that he was dying but being the caring, loving man he was, he knew that my wife and I hadn't even gone on our honeymoon so, he made me go home - which I reluctantly did.

I was home for maybe an hour, when the phone rang. My Mom called me with the news that Dad wasn't doing so well and said if I wanted to say goodbye, I better get down there as soon as possible. I hit the road, going as fast as I could. Five minutes in to the agonising journey my Mom called again, telling me to turn around and go home because my Dad had just passed away.

I never got to say goodbye..

This is a photo of my lovely Mom and brave Dad on the day of our wedding. He has his arm around my Niece. You can see how sick he was but he still made it and still had that infectious smile we all loved.

Well, that night while sleeping, both my wife and I awoke to my Dads spirit standing over us, with the same smile. He thanked us for caring for him, said he loved us and would always watch over us before fading away.

We still see, hear and smell him close to us occasionally so we know he is still around and keeping us safe.

Thanks Dad...