He Walked Into The Doctors Room

One day I had a Doctor's appointment at the hospital.

I went to the hospital, checked in and took a seat in the waiting room. It was a very small waiting room, quite compact.

I remember see a girl and a man going into the Doctor before me. I'm not sure who the man was. He was an older gentleman, I kept thinking an Uncle, maybe. He was tall, wearing a blue polyester suit, had thinning short white hair and square framed glasses. This man followed right behind the girl, almost on her heals. Because the waiting room was small I had to swivel my chair, either way, to let anyone past me. Nobody could have got past with out me seeing or moving.

When the Doctor had finished with his patient he opened the door and the girl came out alone. He said that he was done with his last appointment and was ready to see me. I thought it was very weird because the man that didn't come out with the girl and expected to see him still in the room.

I walked into the office and it was just the Doctor, no one else was there there. There isn't any other door except the one to enter. I didn't ask the Doctor because I wasn't really sure about any of what I had seen until I was on my way home, and I was afraid of not being believed.

I was freaked!

Something I will never forget...