Spirits Came to Collect Dying Daughter

My lovely patient wanted to live to see her 90th birthday. She did live until the day she turned 90, though sadly she was in a coma.

I was caring for the frail elderly lady in her final days. When going about my duties, I walked into an adjoining room, and right there opposite me - I saw a woman sitting in a high - backed chair, wearing black-rimmed glasses, a white sweater and a dress, along with sensible shoes. I could see through her, and at first thought I was seeing things. As I turned to walk out of the room, in disbelief, I noticed that I had automatically lifted my leg quickly to avoid stepping on a dog too!

My patient's daughter walked in about 5 minutes later and noticed me there, then she saw my face, she said, "So you see her, too!" She told me that her Grandmother, the spirit that we had both seen in the room, had had such a close relationship with the dying woman. She had promised to be waiting to see her daughter again, and that she would come to her so she wouldn't feel afraid.

The ghostly woman had been dead for about 40 years when I saw her sitting in that chair that day and to my surprise the dog had passed away 25 years earlier!

Photo for visual representation purposes only.