Attacked by a Ghost!

When i was just about 15 years old, my parents where offered the job of club steward/stewardess of a private, well to do club in Huddersfield. The building was built in 1846 and was the manor house of Crosland moor.

When we first moved in to the house, i started to have bad dreams... I mean like devil faces coming through the bedroom wall and my Brother, who shared the bedroom with me, was always saying he could see a shadow man by the bedroom door ...and to be honest, I didnt dare look.

(Photo for illustrative purposes only - not actual footage)

He insisted something was there for weeks - and thats when I started to get attacked, strangled/choked. I was not pinned to the bed but always had the feeling that something had me by the throat and there was also a strange buzzing sound in my ears, like i cannot describe. It was a bloody awful sound that was like a very loud buzzing ...but strange!

This happened over a period of over maybe 6 to 8 weeks, nearly every morning and I dreaded going to sleep. At first, I did think it was my blankets around my neck or something, but it happened so often and I could feel like hands around my throat. I started to get very frightened and told my brother, who to be honest just gave me a sidewards glance and said nothing! I didnt dare say anything to my mum and dad, so eventually took things into my own hands.

I took the day of school. It was a Thursday because dad was at work, my brother at college and mum used to go to my great grandma's, so I knew the house was empty. I walked into every room shouting and swearing at whatever was attacking me to stop. I felt a bit silly, thinking I was talking to an empty house, but I carried on into every room I could get into with out keys. I asked for it to leave me alone and stop coming into the bedroom and so on.

The following morning I awoke in like a shock... very fast, thinking I was being attacked again ...but nope! No buzzing noise, no strangling feeling, nothing! I never again felt this sensation or sound in the 9 years that we lived there, but did see and witness lights going on/off.

Sometimes a door would swing wide open and this door was spring loaded and took some opening - and my friends saw this a few times as well. I also heard talking/noises a few times; like this one time me and my dad where watching a late movie after the club had closed and my elder brother was out. With the building being old, you got used to the creaks of floor boards and could tell if someone was walking up the stairs and we both said as we heard the steps with like walking up them... our Steve is home. We waited... no Steven. I even went to look to see if he was drunk on the toilet or in bed... no sign of him!

The dog we had used to bark at nothing and often seemed to follow something around the room. My then girlfriend saw both the kitchen taps turn on full and the lights go on/off by the switch. She never stayed again and we went our seperate ways. My aunty saw an old woman spirit, my friends witnessed doors opening and closing, even the members of the club saw and heard things but over the years we did all see witness something paranormal but I was never attacked again!

When we left the club nothing seemed to follow us and me and my wife now live happily in a very peacefull house!

I hope you all enjoyed my experience but it was truly a very scary time for me and I will never forget any of it!