Protection from Evil Spirits

The first I realised I was able to see / feel / hear / smell all things paranormal was when I was around 5 years of age. I am now in my 50's so – that’s a fairly long time.

I recently went to cat sit for my daughter and her partner when they went on holiday. I wasn't looking forward to it, purely because their house was haunted - and it wasn't a nice haunting.

The first night I was there, I was lying in bed, watching TV. The cat wouldn't come upstairs to her bed on the landing, which is highly unusual. I normally put Helm of Awe protection symbols around the house, mainly on the doors and staircase, due to knowing the route the one particularly nasty spirit takes.

This night I was too tired, but just put one on the pillow next to me.

I’m not religious but my partner is a Odinist and he recommended this symbol to me for protection - and it works… for me anyway.

I fell asleep and was woken by the horrible feeling that there was something in the room. I looked over to my right at the open door and saw a black shape peering round the door, looking at me. It was huge. I tried to reach out to put the lamp on but I couldn’t move my legs or arms. I was trying to tell it to go away but I couldn’t get the words out either.

I had left the hall landing lights on but now they were out and all of a sudden it was pitch black, like a wall was in front of my eyes. It was trying to show itself to me, in my head, but I wouldn’t look and acknowledge it. I was really fighting it and the next thing there was a loud knocking on the wood bed frame, right next to the Helm of Awe protection symbol. It went on and on knocking. I WAS JUST SO SCARED. I’m sure it was trying to take possession. It was deliberately frightening me.

This is what we had all felt in the house… that whatever was there, was deliberately frightening us one way or another. I found myself reciting the Lords prayer ...why? I’m not religious in the slightest, as I said. However, it worked. It went. It was light in the room and I fell asleep exhausted.

However this happened twice more that night. The next day, I put the symbols everywhere. It didn’t happen again that week. The cat still wouldn’t come upstairs at all though.

When my daughter came back, she said she had experienced the same, except it wasn’t as threatening and she didn’t know it would try and show itself …but then, she isn’t as psychic as myself… so maybe that’s why.

Fortunately, the house was only rented and they moved out before I had to stay again.

This really freaked me out. Ihave had hundreds of different experiences but this one was really frightening.