Trip through the Past at Rollright Stones

Quite a few years ago, when I lived in the West Midlands, I decided to pay a visit to Long Compton, which is a small village on the Warwickshire/Worcestershire border, just outside of Stratford-upon-Avon. I had been over that way a few years before with my two daughters and loved it, so thought my partner and I could go. He was from Kent so had not seen much of the Midlands. He was looking forward to seeing the Rollright stones which are very close to the village. The village itself has a history of being well known for having a large number of witches there for several hundred years. The latest and quite well known incident, involving the murder of a witch, was in Victorian England. So, we were looking forward to it. We never did get into Long Compton as we decided to visit the stones first.

The Rollright stones are not as well known as Avebury or Stonehenge, they have however, a lot of energy and strange vibes, and in my opinion a lot more so than the others I mentioned. I didn't experience a major incident but lots small different ones.

We decided to visit the main circle of stones then cross over the road to picnic on the hill by the Kings stone. I did not know much else about the history of the stones or Long Compton.

We laid out or bits and pieces on the ridge overlooking the countryside the King stone behind us. I felt really sick and dizzy ..lightheaded, obviously knew what was coming. I felt like i was being pushed or forced down into the ground, it was quite intense and i was struggling to sit upright, all the while this unseen force was pushing me down, my partner said he could see me slowly sinking down, I honestly felt like I was going into the dirt amongst all the scattered stones. He mnaged to get me up and moved us where I was still dizzy and disorientated, I then felt like I was lying flat on the ground looking up to the sun. I was in the middle of a huge circle of what looked (or felt) like wood reaching right up and the sun was beating down into the middle on me, and there was no way out, I felt like I was going to die there. It was so hot from the strength of the sun. Quite how I was removed from this I dont remember. My partner Lee was well and truly worried. He knows how these places can affect me. By this time he was holding me up and carrying all our bags trying to leave the field and get back to the car.

I was crying and kept repeating leave me alone - leave me alone. Not to him though. I felt like I was a male and I was wearing saxon type clothing (found this out afterwards after researching styles of clothing), I had a tunic on and trousers both in different shades of a sort of sort of beige/ tan colour with a belt from which hung loads of feathers my hair was long and a light brown/ginger and I was dirty ...someone was shouting at me "get off my land' next thing I felt like I had a blow to the side of my head and I fell forward and down... at that precise moment, my partner told me afterwards that he had looked at me and had just seen a part of an arm from the elbow to the fist moving forwards and backwards on the side of my head!

When I recovered we left to go home soon after. After researching the stones and area I found out that where I felt I was being pushed into the ground was actually the place where it was found was a burial mound, and the King stone had been errected as a memorial to the cemetery. It dates back to the Neolithic period! What's even more interesting is that In the Neolithic period at stonehenge it wasnt stones there, it was wood that fits with the King stone exactly and my experience of being in a large wood circle with the sun shining down intot he middle! Another fact I didn't know until my partner told me afterwards was where I experienced the hand/fist raining down on me was exactly where there had been a Saxon farming settlement. I had gone through thousands of years of residual energy of some kind. I haven't checked whether there are Ley Lines going through that area yet... or even anything about the witches.... We haven't been back there since this happened, purely due to the fact we have moved.