Cat reacts to Strange Mist

I was relaxing with my cat one evening. He was sleeping on me and he started twitching as he was dreaming. I wanted to grab a photo of him as he was in a funny position, but as I was getting the camera ready on my mobile, all of a sudden he woke up and bolted off my lap super fast. The white mist appeared as I snapped the photo.

At first I thought it was a reflection of something, so I took a second photo of the same area and it wasn't there the second time. I know that the previous owner of my house, had his wife die in the living room - which was where I was when I caught the photo!

I have had other weird things happen here such as items moving locations and pictures falling off the walls or ending up crooked, but I've never seen it happen, just the aftermath.

I was excited and scared when I caught the mist!