The Paranormal Technological Boom

I swear every day brings more and more 'supposed' paranormal equipment onto the market. All carefully marketed and aimed at less experienced investigators or those just starting up, and sold as the next 'wonder item' that you simply 'must have!'

But what is behind this boom? Money, pure and simple.

The ongoing popularity of the paranormal is bringing a whole new generation of would be investigators into the field. Inspired by a glut of ghost hunting programmes, they long to follow in their heroes footsteps ...and venture out into the night, armed with the latest gadget.

I have no problem with this. Why would I, when young blood can bring fresh excitement into the paranormal world - but what I do have a problem with is rip off merchants.

The potential for profit when successfully marketing a new piece of equipment is huge. Knock a weird shaped gothicky looking box up using a 3D printer, fill it with some impressive wiring obtained from the Pound Shop, give it a suitably spooky sounding name and bingo! Absolute bargain at a tenth the price! It will probably fall apart after the first use... but that's only because of the extreme spirit activity it provoked ...right? 😉

I have myself tested the claims of some of these offerings ...and yes, some of them do work as claimed... but think logically. Do you really need a movement detector that can pick up any movement within a 5 meter radius, even through a solid wall? I mean, if something sets it off, how are you going to know what it might be?'s in another room right? Yes, it could be that spirit that you're sure is haunting the place ...or it could just be a mouse!

Don't get me wrong, there IS a place for equipment - but you need to be selective and not be taken in by the claims of unscrupulous sellers. Look hard at the build quality and take good note of reviews. Check prices carefully too, before you commit. The fact that it is selling for £5000 doesn't actually mean that it will work.

Most pieces of equipment used by investigators are affected by phone signals and electrical appliances. Make sure that they are suitably isolated by turning everything off, and by switching your mobile to flight mode.

Keep detectors away from potential rodent runs and bug infested areas ...and shield them from gusts of wind, water droplets and excess dust. All of these can affect your results.

So what are my favourite bits of kit?

A good quality voice recorder - I use the OLYMPUS DM-670.

The MEL/REM 8704R - A 4 in 1 meter that is Torch, Rem Pod, EMF Meter and Temperature Gauge.

The TRIFIELD 2 - Great for getting baseline readings and for signalling sudden unexplained changes.

A good NIGHT VISION CAMERA - mine is the Panasonic HC-VXF990 with Sony HVL-IRM infrared lighting.

Other vital items:


Notebook and Pen

At a push, all you need are your mobile (on flight mode), a torch, notepad and pen. The mobile can be used for still shots, filming and for EVP recording.

Don't let a lack of funds stop you from following your dreams.