totnes museum 

Totnes Museum, Totnes, Devon

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Most notable events experienced by the team at the museum so far...

The sound of someone coming up the stairs and moving around on the landing

Possible movement of a chair - though not caught on camera

The sound of footsteps crossing the upstairs room


Report by Allison


The night of the investigation was fine and warm – with no wind.


We were attending the venue at the invite of Black Cats Paranormal, but we split down into our respected teams once we got underway – spacing ourselves well apart in the building to avoid noise contamination.


After an initial walk around to get acquainted with the building, we set about locking off the night vision cameras – one in the kitchen and another covering the 1st floor hallway. Halfway through the night, we took the kitchen camera up to the third floor to try to capture apparent activity up there.


Our first vigil was to be in the old kitchen on the ground floor. Sitting as far apart from each other as possible, in the limited space, we commenced calling out.  At first everything seemed very flat and nobody felt any presence of any kind – but after a 20 minutes or so this seemed to change.

At one stage, the ladle and clothes that were hanging from the ceiling were seen to be swaying slightly – even though there was no breeze and no one was moving in the room. This was of particular note, as I had previously asked for the ladle to be moved.

Though, we are all aware that our eyes will play tricks as we struggle to make sense of the dark, I am quite certain that I saw a small black shadow flit across the floor and disappear at my feet. This, I felt to be a cat.


After a short break, we took ourselves up to the upper floor and attempted some glass divination.  The glass was slow to start but picked up quite readily after a while, in an apparent attempt to answer our questions. It was indicated that we were in contact with a young spirit girl, who confirmed there were two others with her at times. We also had apparent contact from a stern, older woman.  Two members of the team sensed a dark shape standing in the doorway while another felt, though didn’t see, her presence.

During this time, there were two occasions that loud footsteps were clearly heard coming up the stairs and moving around on the landing.  So loud, in fact that not one of us doubted that it was a member of the other team.  We later found out that it was not.  The second time this happened we got up to investigate, but when we opened the door to the landing there was no one there, and all sounds had ceased.


Our next location was the front, first floor room.  A large room, set up as a reception room come bedroom, and featuring an old four poster bed and a mannequin in period dress.

Here we again called out for something to happen.  To our surprise, there was a brief scraping noise that appeared to come from the bureau chair, close by.  Upon trying to replicate the sound, it certainly sounded the same.

Just after this, the sound of four footsteps were heard coming from overhead, from the now vacant rooms that we had earlier been in.  They were loud and all four of us clearly heard it.  Knowing that we had a locked off camera up there that was bound to have picked up these sounds, we were quietly confident that we would have some firm evidence of the night – but unfortunately we were wrong.  Although the sounds were clearly heard from the room downstairs, nothing at all was picked up by the cameras and microphones still on the upper floor, where the noises seemed to be originating.


We ended the night on a high, quite certain that we’d caught something on camera – but that’s life in the paranormal field.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jayne and Michelle of the Black Cats Paranormal Team for inviting us along.



A very active building with varying, mainly sensory activity –

Fascinating session in the first floor bedroom, where we believe a chair slightly moved without apparent aid and all four of us heard footsteps emanating from the room upstairs that was unoccupied. 


Will we return - YES