WWII Airfield museum 

Davidstow Airfield & Cornwall at War Museum - Camelford, Cornwall

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Report by Allison


As with virtually every visit to Davidstow, the night of the investigation was foggy, with light rain.


We were attending this venue with the Black Cats Paranormal team, but we spilit down into small groups of 4-5 and were well separated around the various buildings, to avoid noise contamination between groups.


After an initial get together during which everybody took part in an exercise to raise our psychic awareness, we took ourselves to one of the outbuildings that once housed a squash court, but is now a re-creation of the control tower, and houses displays for the museum.

This building has no uncovered windows and when the torches are turned off, is pitch black.


During this time, we spaced ourselves out and started to call out.  Several feint noises were heard and 2 possible breathe/ sigh like sounds. But of particular note, was a long exhalation sound that was heard by us all, yet could have originated from none of us.  

The blackness seemed to come alive after a while, with what seemd to be a vague white mist and even blacker shapes that seemed to loom among us.  Though, we are all aware that our eyes will play tricks as we struggle to make sense of the dark, the interesting thing is that at times, two or more of us appeared to see the same thing. At times, it was quite unnerving in there, with a strange heavy atmosphere.


After a short break to warm up, we took ourselves into the officers mess and attempted some glass devination.  The glass was slow to move yet seemed to tremble for quite a while, before making a sudden move across the table - after which it moved quite freely for a while in an apparent attempt to answer our questions. During this time, creaking noises were eminating from the display cabinet in the corner - even though no one was near it.  It sounded as though someone were leaning on it and moving around. At one stage, the session became quite emotional when a personal message for one of the team came through.


Our next location was the Ballroom.  A large room  with display cabinets lining the walls and many mannequins in period dress and uniforms.

Here we attempted table tipping with some notable success.  At one stage the table tried to repeatedly tip to one side, though we only had one finger each, resting lightly on the table top.

During this session we all reported being touched.  For me, it was a light touch on the back and for Tyler, it was his trouser leg being moved..


After the Ballroom, Tyler and Lisa shared a vigil in the air raid shelter - but nothing of note happened during this time.


To end the night, we decided to return once more to the scene of our first vigil - the squash court - where, yet again, we sensed movement around us and saw shifting vague shapes in the dark.  At this point, several of us began to feel dizzy and sick, so we then decided to bring the investigation to a close, at approximately 3:30am



Fantastic place with varying, mainly sensory activity - Fascinating table tipping session with the table seeming to tip without apparent aid and some interesting audible sounds, most notably, the long breathe, that couldn't have come from any of us 


Would we return - YES